Minor Projects

Dehzado Records of Baroda State

Centre for Culture and Development Minor ProjectThe censuses of the erstwhile Baroda State (Dehzado) are unique in having classified the population of every village and town by sex, religion, caste and tribe. These records provide a unique opportunity to study the horizontal dimension of caste and tribe with their actual geographical spread. They also help in studying in a regional context the relations between caste/tribe and village, and caste/tribe and urban centres. Dehzado records enabled us to test various hypotheses such as the jajmani system, self-sufficiency of the village, rural-urban network, dominant caste, concentrations of religious minorities and their co-existence with Hindu castes and tribes, etc. An examination of the above threw light on many theoretical issues of an all-India nature and helped correct notions about caste, tribe, village, city, religion and region. Baroda state had four exclaves in different parts of Gujarat. This enabled us to generalise conclusions for the whole of Gujarat. Lancy Lobo and Shashikant Kumar carried out this exercise with guidance by Professor A. M. Shah.