Major Projects

Changing Character of Religiosity and Communal Consciousness in Gujarat (1980-2010)

WaterAidThere has been an upsurge in religion, religiosity, and fundamentalism, leading to fanaticism, manifesting in marked increase in the number of shrines, temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras, religious activities and programmes, and in festivals. A notable increase is seen in religiosity, one-upmanship, nationalism and assertion of ethnic identity in Gujarat. Frequent communal clashes and riots erupt for real or fictitious reasons. This study focuses on social organisation of religion, based on an empirical study of shrines in rural and urban sites in Vadodara district.

Schedule was canvassed around each religious shrine at four sites in Vadodara District:

  1. A multi-caste, multi-religious village – Jabugam (Taluka – Jetpur Pavi)
  2. A multi-tribal, multi-religious village – Vadu (Taluka – Padra)
  3. A small town – Areas under Dabhoi Municipality
  4. Two areas of Vadodara Municipal Corporation – part of Vadodara (East) and part of Vadodara (West)

  6. WaterAidPhotography of each religious shrine, videography of religious celebrations and events, and interviews of religious leaders form part of data collection.

  7. This study was conducted by Lancy Lobo and Jayesh Shah with the guidance of Professors A. M. Shah and Biswaroop Das. It will be published in the form of a mimeograph. Also being developed to accompany it is an Atlas of Shrines and documentaries on different religious events.