Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and Workshops at CCD

  1. Globalisation and its Impacts workshop was held for the Sisters of the Daughters of the Cross Congregation, Gujarat on 10.6.2001. Seventeen Sisters participated, drawing out the implications of its theme for their work at the grassroots level.
  2. Status Report on the Tribals of Gujarat, a preparatory workshop was held on 17.8.2002 to chalk out details for bringing out a volume on the subject. Twelve scholars had an open discussion, worked out a broad framework, and identified sources of information, persons, methodology, presentation, and dissemination issues.
  3. Assembly Elections and Aftermath: A Review workshopwas held on 28.12.2002. Ten scholars and activists participated in a half-day discussion on what had happened during the Gujarat elections, why it happened, the implications of BJP coming to power for minorities, points for research and action, and an assessment of our capability.
  4. A half-day workshop for 25 MA Part I students of the Department of Sociology, M.S. University of Baroda was held on 30.1.2003, as part of their first-hand field exposure to a research institute. Besides tracing the origin and trajectory of research institutes in India, it focussed on CCD and on the importance of empirical fieldwork in social research.
  5. One-day workshop was held on 5.2.2005, for the Second Year MSW students of St. Aloysius College, Mangalore, on Communal Violence in Gujarat and Panchayati Raj.
  6. Peer Review workshop was held on 11-12.2006 on the first draft report on Development Induced Displacement in Gujarat: 1947-2004.
  7. National workshop on Development Induced Displacement in Gujarat 1947-2004 was held on 10.3.2007.
  8. Workshop on Development Induced Displacement in Gujarat for MSW students of Rajgiri College of Social Sciences, Kakkanad, Kochi was held on 29.8.2007.
  9. Analysis of Gujarat Assembly Elections of December 2007 among social scientists was held on 31.12.2007.
  10. Workshop for the Jesuit Social Activists (JESA) on Degradation of Forests and its Impact on the Livelihood of Tribals in Eastern Gujarat: 1947-2008 was held on 15.10.2009.
  11. National Workshop on Degradation of Forests and its Impact on the Livelihood of Tribals in Eastern Gujarat: 1947-2008 was held on 9.1.2010.
  12. Dr. Tushar Chaudhary, Minister of State (Tribal Affairs), Government of India, delivered the inaugural address; Shri Sanat Mehta, Ex-Finance Minister, Government of Gujarat; Dr. S K Nanda, Chief Secretary, Forest and Environment; Shri T L Patel, Joint Director, Tribal Development Authority; Prof. A M Shah, Prof. D L Sheth, Shri Kartikeya Sarabhai and heads of leading NGOs of Gujarat presented their views.

  13. Workshop on Tribal Economy and Society in ex-Princely States of Mainland Gujarat during Pre- and Post-Independence Period was held on 11.3.2010. Shri Raghuvirsinhji (ex-Ruler of Rajpipla), Smt. Urvashi Devi (Maharajkumari of Devgadh Baria) and Shri Digvirendrasinhji (ex-Ruler of Vansada) inaugurated the workshop. Prof. Biswaroop Das, Dr. I.A.Khan and other ex-rulers of mainland Gujarat presented their views.
  14. Seminar on Changing Scenario of Employment in Gujarat 1960-2010 was held on July 16-17, 2010, sponsored by the Western Regional Centre of Indian Council for Social Science Research.

    Shri P. K. Laheri, Ex-Chief Secretary, Government of Gujarat delivered the inaugural address. He threw light on five core areas of concern for the growth of employment in Gujarat, focussing on the quality of education.

  15. Book Launch function was held on 17.7.2010 for the following books: [1] The Structure of Indian Society: Then and Now, by A M Shah, and [2] Malaria in the Social Context: A Study in Western India, by Lancy Lobo, both published by Routledge, Delhi.
    Professor P J Patel, ex-Vice Chancellor of Sardar Patel University, presided over the function and discussed Prof. A M Shah's book, The Structure of Indian Society: Then and Now. Professor Biswaroop Das discussed Lancy Lobo's book, Malaria in the Social Context: A Study in Western India. Ms. Omita Goyal of Routledge, Delhi spoke briefly on both the books.
  16. Panel Discussion on Caste and Census was held on 3.9.2010. The panellists were: Professors P J Patel, A M Shah and Dr. Arjun Patel.
  17. Seminar on Tribals in Transition was held on February 16-17, 2011. It was inaugurated by the Bishop of Baroda, Godfrey de Rosario, SJ. The participants made brief presentations on social, cultural, economic, religious and political changes among tribals, which were followed by a discussion. CCD presented its macro research findings on Land Acquisition, Displacement and Resettlement; Forest Degradation and Tribal Livelihood; and Migration and Elections among the Tribals. The workshop identified issues emerging from these inputs and took up a few for action plan.
  18. Half a day workshop was held on 3.4.2011 wherein the 2010 election results of taluka, district, municipal and corporation were presented by Dr. Jayesh Shah and Lancy Lobo for Vadodara. Ms. Raheel Dhatiwala presented her analysis for Ahmedabad. Dr. Priyavadan Patel spoke on implications of BJP's electoral dominance in Gujarat and Professor Nagindas Sanghavi spoke on compulsory voting debate.